Monday, November 3, 2014

Take Me to the Moon 3.2: Cassandra's Wedding (or, Another Day with the Evil Snob)

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It was the day before Cassandra's wedding, and the bride was not getting her nails done, or having a bachelor party.  She was hunting down an elusive tomato plant to add a cutting to her garden.  Finally, late in the afternoon, after searching every neighborhood in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, she found a community garden she hadn't noticed before in the low cost area of Oasis Springs.  In the midst of the dust-blown landscape, she finally got her cutting, and a few tomatoes.

Cassandra went home with her treasure and immediately planted one tomato, and grafted one cutting.  Then she tenderly checked each of her plants, which she had been away from since dawn.    Her fiance, Cedric, who had gotten really sad in her absence, came out to eat his supper and watch her garden.

"Your dad is wrestling with the blue screen of death on my computer," Cedric said.  Cedric would have been able to fix it, but since it was the night before the wedding, Brad had volunteered.  Cedric had just been promoted a few days before to Project Manager.  

Bright and early on her wedding day, Cassandra went out to talk to her Grandmother Maddi's apple tree.  Under Cassandra's care, it was now a lush tree, which bore frequent, great apples.  I wasn't long till Beatrice came out to fuss at Cassandra and tell her she needed to be dressed.  Uncle Barnaby's family would be here any minute, along with the caterer.  Beatrice had decided to try a caterer, since they could afford it, so she'd be free to enjoy the wedding and socialize freely with the guests.  But turning that responsibility over to a stranger was making her very grumpy.

Finally Cassandra went in the house and got ready.  When she emerged to the garden, where everything was set up for the wedding, Cedric was there.  He was bubbling over with happiness.  For Cedric, this marriage was a win-win-win:  the families were merging their resources, and he was happy with the resulting bank account, plus he was in love with the idea of having a family, and he was naturally inclined towards being a romantic.  Cassandra was more of a realist, but she had her own reasons to be happy with the match, mainly the fact that Cedric was a quickly climbing, ambitious young man who looked and acted appropriate to her perceived high station in life.

But not everything was perfect.  Cassandra explained to Cedric and her dad, Brad, that the ceremony was being delayed a few hours.  

Beatrice, who was herself a gourmet cook, had decided to fire the caterer when she found her playing video games while the cake baked.  

She had reclaimed her kitchen and was carefully overseeing the cake and food herself.  Firing the caterer and seeing her reaction made Beatrice practically giddy anyway, not to mention she could do a better job.

So the guests waited and sipped drinks while Beatrice worked.  Cassandra and her dad had always enjoyed each others' company, and on this day they were both very proud of themselves and each other.

Cacey joined them.  Then Lacy Summers, Barnaby's old flame, showed up.  Cassandra began to insult her outfit, and Lacy probably wondered why she came to yet another Tesla family wedding.  (At Beatrice's wedding, Barnaby had broken up with her.)

Brad was uncomfortable with Cassandra's treatment of Lacy, and Cacey started guzzling her drink and pretended not to hear anything. 

 Claire, their cousin, was putting off joining the party.  She texted her dad, Barnaby... "where are you," hoping he and her mom were on their way soon. 

She needed the moral support of her mom and dad to deal with whatever drama was going to go on with her cousins, especially Cassandra.  Cacey and Claire were good friends, but in high school they drifted apart as Cacey sometimes embarrassed Claire with her flirty behavior.  And Cassandra was literally an evil snob.  She was only nice when it suited her to be, and then you had better beware.

Claire was still nervous but felt better sitting with Uncle Brad.  Cassandra looked so pleased with herself, Claire really wondered how Cedric was going to manage living in this household of volatile, mean-spirited and hot-headed women.

Finally Beatrice came out and told Cedric and Cassandra to get ready to go ahead with the ceremony.  She didn't tell them, but the oven had broken again and she wasn't sure there would be a cake.  She cursed the decision to hire a caterer in the first place.

Cassandra and Cedric prepared to say their vows.  Thank goodness Cedric wasn't a complete idiot, Cassandra thought, and can remember what he's supposed to say.  

Cedric listened as Cassandra said her vows, and hoped for a long and prosperous life with a family of successful, smart, and loving children. 

Cacey had no illusions about her sister's motivations in getting married, but she couldn't help being overcome with how sweet Cedric was, and just hoped her sister could appreciate what she had.

During the ceremony, Uncle Barnaby began looking around as if there were birds attacking him.  

Hermione looked over, but knew there was nothing she could do to comfort him when he began seeing things that weren't there.

Even Cassandra found herself being swept up by the romantic ceremony, and having thoughts of the honeymoon with Cedric. 

Barnaby regained his composure and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  At least he didn't start talking to people that weren't there! 

As soon as the vows were finished, Beatrice ran back to the kitchen to finish her cake.

The guests dined on pasta primavera and chocolate chip cookies, in the meantime.  Hermione, who was not a snob, still thought it was weird that they were serving chocolate chip cookies.

Cacey and Claire came inside to chat, and Barnaby decided to check on his businesses.  Beatrice had finally succeeded in making a cake.  

Cassandra and Beatrice came back outside with the cake.

Cedric saw them and could tell from their faces they had finally been able to work out the kitchen issues.

Beatrice was so proud to be able to give Cassandra a beautiful wedding; her own had been in this same garden, but had been so simple.  Cassandra really had no comprehension of how far the family had come since Beatrice's wedding to Brad.

Cassandra looked like she had plans for the cake she was about to feed Cedric, and not necessarily to put it in his mouth. 

But they very nicely took that first bite without any tricks. 

It was time for the father-daughter dance. 

Brad and Cassandra had a blast, and Cassandra wasn't even embarrassed by Brad's happy dance. 

While  they were dancing, Cassandra said something rude to Brad, but he just let it go and acted like nothing was wrong.

The appearance was a very happy father and daughter having a light-hearted dance. 

As the shadows on the lawn grew long, it was time to say goodbye to guests. 

Barnaby was happy for Cassandra, and wished her well in her new life.  Cacey thanked her uncle for bringing his family and making this such a special day.

Cacey felt for her aunt and uncle, who were so kind, but made to feel so inferior, by her sister's snobbiness.   She was glad for them that they had moved out of this household and started their own home.

Family Pictures:

 Cassandra and Cedric.  Will he be content with a growing bank account, and eventually, children?  Because it is hard to imagine Cassandra's iciness being easy to live with.

Brad and Beatrice, mysteriously still happy after all these years.

  • The cake problems were insane!!  First, Beatrice mixed two cakes but couldn't access them on the counter.  Then I clicked on the stove and realized there was something in the oven already, probably put there by the caterer.  
  • The first cake she made, I had her put a wedding topper on it, and then tried to drag it to this safe room I hastily constructed on the front lawn:

I did this because people keep taking the cake at parties before it can be used for birthday or wedding cake.   But when I picked the cake up and moved it, it disappeared. 

  • So then, Beatrice made a fourth cake!!  And finally, Cassandra put it in her inventory, took it to the party, and they cut the first slice.  Finally.
  • Don't know if you can tell, but I dislike Cassandra.  She is really just an evil snob.  At least Beatrice had the benefit of growing up with Maddi and Micah, which tempered her evil-ness.  The only thing I do like about Cassandra is that she is a level 9 gardener, which is really fun.
  • Since I couldn't control Barnaby's family, and don't have poseboxes, I didn't even try to get an extended family picture.


  1. Wow, what an elegant wedding! Again, your pictures are so inspiring and lovely! The ones you did get of Barnaby and his wife, Hermione and daughter Claire, were great too. Too bad you cant control where they stand, yet.

    I am so into what this next generation's story is going to be like! What, with Cassandra's snooty gosh, that woman is sheer ice cold! hahaa I wonder what it is she couldve said to her father, as they danced..making him uncomfortable. Shame on you, Cassandra. And on your wedding day! :P

    She looks so much like her father, Brad too. Im really feeling a bit sorry for poor Cedric, right now...not sure of what he's getting himself into. Im quite sure once they have kids, he's gonna be on top of the world..but will the two of them become distant, thats the question.

    I swear..the way Beatrice looks reminds me so much of the elegant Julie Andrews, lol.

    Keep up the great work, I'll check in again! --Green

  2. Hi Greeneyed! Once again, thanks so much for reading & for the kind comments. I guess that's my only complaint about the socialization in the game, is that sometimes it just says something like "insult" or "jeer." (I like "imply mother is a llama, that's funny!) It leaves it open to storytelling, though. Knowing Cassandra she said something to Brad about how if he had been able to climb the corporate ladder quicker, they may have been able to hire a decent caterer so her mom wouldn't have to worry through the whole day about the cake. Brad cares a lot about Beatrice and that would get to him, plus he's a materialistic snob so he would be embarrassed not to have provided the best for Cassandra on her wedding day. But with Beatrice being an evil "essence of flavor" and romantic sim, I picture her wanting to make her own daughter's cake herself, and also enjoying firing the caterer.

    Do you think we'll have a move objects on type of cheat soon? That would really help with the family portraits. I haven't found one so far, have you?

    Cassandra does look like Brad, but I think he looks nicer than she does. I hope some of their kids get Grandma Maddi's pretty genes, I would love to see some of those again. Or Beatrice's looks. She is quite elegant, in my opinion. You are so right about Beatrice, she does look like Julie Andrews! That one expression when Cassandra's about to cut the cake really reminds me of Julie Andrews.

    I feel sorry for Cedric too, that I made him marry her. But he has family oriented so I think he'll be happy with raising the children while Cassandra works on her beloved garden. She just isn't fit to socialize with decent people, ha.

    As for the next generation, I am seriously breaking away from rolling for random traits and picking ones I want for the story, and picking a career/aspiration as well for the next heir. Maybe I'll roll and if I like it, take it, and if not, do what I want.

    Thanks again for reading!

    PS I am planning to put up a mini-update about Simdale Valley's new YMCA (pool and gym!) in the morning or sometime tomorrow. I'll probably use the same lot in the legacy 'hood too, I like it better than the gym that came with the game. And the bills with a pool on the lot would be astronomical, I'm guessing, so they won't be getting one for a while.

  3. I misread the beginning of this and when I saw Cassandra coming home at night, I thought "wait, did she just miss her wedding?! No wonder Cedric is sad!" LOL, I'm glad that's not actually what happened.

    LOL, I may have picked up on some clues that you don't care much for Cassandra. ;) Even so, it was a gorgeous wedding and she made a beautiful bride. A slightly scary one, in that second last picture, but beautiful.

    So many problems with the cake though - sounds so frustrating!

    1. Lol, that would be funny if a sim could miss their wedding. They should be able to schedule it in advance, the way they did with Bon Voyage vacations, but when you "schedule a wedding," it starts right away.

      Cassandra did make a beautiful bride-- my husband has noted in the past that a lot of the brides in women's magazines have a "drop dead" or "beware" kind of scary look, and that is probably about what Cassandra looked like most of the day. Instead of happy, she got confident, and when she's confident she's full snob.

      The main cake problem was instigated by not realizing that when you have a caterer, you can't use your oven, and then also by me trying to move the cake to protect it. It just ballooned out of control from there, and took over most of the day.

      Thanks for reading, Carla!

  4. Really nice wedding, Cassandra was a lovely bride for sure in appearance anyway! Her behavior wasn't the most humble or even sweet! Poor Brad, he seems like such a nice, laid back guy and his daughters are anything but that! Bummer on all the cake drama, love the little building you built to keep them away from it, reminds me of TS1 days. Cassandra with her appearance and attitude totally fit all this money they have, and Cedric looks kind of like the guy who enjoys a snobby wife. Curious how their kids will be when they have them eventually.

  5. Brad is so laid back, especially for a "materialistic snob." I guess his active, going jogging everyday, keeps him chill. I really thought he and Beatrice were going to end up divorced, because they were poor, and she is evil, but they've just always gelled and really enjoyed each other. Brad was a good dad. He's been able to climb the corporate ladder while doing the bulk of the parenting to Cassandra and Cacey, since Maddi died. Thanks for commenting!